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If you think that Apple is always the technology leader, then you are absolutely wrong. This is the most common stereotype that every commoners have. This is probably a secret that is best kept by many Apple enthusiasts. It is a hard truth to swallow, but it is the truth. Here is a check on the facts and numbers.

1. iPod was not the first portable music player, but it was the one that brings down the entire industry and build up a new one

After MP3 became the de-facto format for digital songs, Saehan Information System was the first to ever bring portable digital player into mass-production. It was soon followed by many other portable players with the likes of Creative NOMAD Jukebox among the most notable ones. Back then, Creative was the king in the PC sound card business and you can find Creative-made sound blaster sound card in almost every desktop computers. The success of Creative brings pride to many Singaporeans as it was started in Singapore and founded by Sim Wong Hoo, a Singaporean-breed entrepreneurs. At its peak, Creative stock was trading in both the NASDAQ and SGX. Creative’s venture into the portable digital player market proved to be unsuccessful and so do many others. MP3 digital players were then caught up among early technology enthusiasts but did not have the appeal to break into the mass market. Most of the portable music players then were bulky and were not associated with hip and cool trends.

Apple, through the great visionary lens of Steve Jobs, saw what was a potentially multi-billion dollars worth of industry that was yet to be tapped. In 2001, the first generation iPod was introduced. In iPod, Apple has made a simple but powerful portable music player. It features the slick round-button control interface and was much sexier than all its competitors. When iPod was introduced, it did not boast superior hardware compared to all other portable music devices out there in the market. Neither does iPod have the most advanced features. Many would agree that Creative MP3 players such as the Zen devices, produced comparable or if not, superior sound quality compared to iPod.

It was not the technology that made iPod such as legendary success. It was the marketing genius by Steve Jobs and his lieutenants that made iPod such as phenomenal success.

2. iPad was not the first Tablet-PC, many have tried it before

The most prominent attempt to bring Tablet-PC to the mass market was made by Microsoft in the year 2000. Together with its hardware vendors such as HP and Toshiba, Windows-powered Tablet-PC received much fanfare when it was launched initially. However, all the hype died down not long after the initial craze and no one was buying any of the Tablet-PC that was selling in the market then. This shows that the tablet technology has always been available and the mass-production capability was already available since 2000. It was only 10 years later that Apple launched the first generation iPad. As usual, the announcement of iPad received mixed reactions from the pundits. Some analysts were saying that the fate of iPad will just be like its predecessors while some were more positive. But honestly speaking, no one knew at the time how people are going to use the iPad and whether anyone needs an iPad at all.

Again, consumers have spoken. The numbers are in. No one questions the importance of iPad as one of the most influential technological innovation of our time. Today, you can take the latest generation iPad and compare its technical specifications against all its competitors. You will be surprised to find out that iPad does not always have the latest technical specs, but it is their ability to integrate hardware with software for a pleasant computing experience that makes them stand out among its competitors.

With iPhone 5 expected to launch in Singapore in less than a month away, have you thought of disposing your current iphone?

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In today’s fast changing, fast moving and fast evolving world of Information Technology (IT), everyone of us seems to suffer from selective dementia at some point or another. But who is to blame given the rapid train of innovation and flush of news that constantly bombard our everyday lives.

Rewind one year back, 2011 was a year that the world lost one of its greatest innovators. Just days after iPhone 4s was announced, the world was shocked by the departure of Steve Jobs. While news of Steve Jobs’ deteriorating health had become a public secret, no one expected the loss of such great figure so soon.

As usual, the periods building up to every Apple’s product announcement has always been marked with tonnes and tonnes of rumours. Rumours of leaked parts. Rumours of leaked video. Rumours of leaked secrets. You name it, there will always be someone covering the topics. The hype surrounding 2011’s new iPhone announcement was amazing. Everyone seemed so certain that the next iPhone to replace the iPhone 4 was going to be named as iPhone 5. But it will not be Apple’s style if any of the rumours were to be true. The world was taken by surprise when Tim Cook, in place of Steve Jobs, announced that the new iPhone was not going to be called iPhone 5, but rather iPhone 4s. What was more disappointing to some Apple fans was the fact that iPhone 4s featured no significant improvement to its predecessor. One of the much-hyped feature was the introduction of personal assistant who was called Siri.

iphone 4s singapore

Siri turned out to be limited in terms of its knowledge. It is not capable of providing assistance outside United States. To many Apple fans in Singapore, it was quite a bit of disappointment. Since Siri does not have any knowledge about Singapore, a spoof Siri-clone called Simi was introduced in Youtube. If only Siri was half as good as Simi, Apple fans in Singapore would definitely have extra reasons to cheer. If you are not convinced at how good Simi is compared to Siri, take a look at the video below.

But enough of yesterday and let us fast forward to today. Today, the world is going gaga again about iPhone 5 and its debut in Singapore. Is 2012 going to be the year of iPhone 5? Or does Tim Cook have other idea? September 12 will be the day for us to find out. Stay tuned. You might like to read this “New Good Casing for Iphone 5