Although Apple has been enjoying market dominance in the high-end Smartphone more than the past handful of years, Android competitors are catching up quick. Samsung is top the pack of Android-alternatives towards the Iphone. The legal battle in between the two tech titans proves to become somewhat entertaining and it opens up quite a few secrets that were by no means revealed ahead of, specifically from the extraordinarily secretive Apple.

Iphone 5

This September, the two titans are going to battle it out on one more front. Proceeding from the past handful of years, Apple has often made their item launch inside the month of September. It has often proved to be the correct timing for them to make it for the December vacation season. This year is expected to become no distinction. The Iphone 5 announcements is expected to come in the first week of September.

However, what exactly is interesting this year is the direct challenge that Samsung is preparing. Just prior to the Iphone 5 unveiling, Samsung is set to announce their new generation of your extremely profitable Galaxy Note line. Should you be a die-hard Apple fans, your choice is obvious. But if you have been feeling disenchanted by the numerous restrictions on what you could do on the Iphone, then possibly this can be a superb time to contemplate.

It really is going to become thrilling to determine how the court battle among Samsung and Apple is going to finish. Nevertheless it is additional exciting to see what two with the most significant Smartphone launch in 2012 has to supply. Nonetheless, when you are nonetheless holding on for your old Iphone, it really is time to start taking a look at techniques to sell your Iphone rapid just in situation if you cannot wait to get hold on the new Samsung Galaxy Note.