The chorus of iPhone 5 is getting louder. The drumbeat is clear. With major carriers in United States announcing blackout periods for their staffs, everything seems to be confirming the consensus that iPhone 5 announcement is imminent. The date of announcement is set to be September 12 and iPhone availability will kick off on September 20. Are we going to see the same kind of enthusiasm and lines of people queueing up to be the first to get their hands on the new iPhone?

Iphone 5

To avoid disappointment, it is always good to have your expectation set right when it comes to Apple products. Tonnes of rumours are swirling around the Internet. Simply search for iPhone 5 rumours will end you up with millions of results. Hundreds if not thousands of leaks claiming to be obtained from reliable sources or part suppliers are not uncommon in the build-up to any Apple products. More often than not, most of these rumours are only smokes churned out by bloggers and journalists in order to earn themselves some publicity and coverage. You know very well that the whole idea is not to present the most accurate information, but to earn advertising dollars from the hundreds and thousands of views that they generate from all these hypes. To Apple, this is a free but super-powerful marketing vehicle for them.

But for Apple fans in Singapore, what can we expect from the iPhone 5?

First of all, Apple has included Singapore in the list of country to enjoy the first launch of any of the Apple’s major products. This is evident from the most recent launches such as the iPhone 4s and the new iPad. Everyone is betting that Apple will announce their new generation of iPhone on September 12. But only after Apple has officially send out their press invitation, nothing can be guaranteed. Everyone is just as clueless as me and you and all these are just a guessing game. It is not without reason that the date is zoomed down to such. Numerous supporting reports from parts vendors ramping up production to premier Apple resellers receiving orders to get ready are just some of the sources that seemed to confirmed the likely date.

In Singapore, iPhone is sold as factory unlocked and one has the freedom to choose if they want to get their iphone 5  from SingTel, or from M1 or Starhub. Based on past experiences, the prices offered by these three telcos are going to be just about the same. Do not be easily tempted by every single gimmick that they are throwing out and regretting it months later. I remember once when I was queueing up in the Singtel store, how the Singtel staff ‘convinced’ a person in front of me to get the plan that is higher than 1Gb. The reason quoted is that whenever you turn on your iPhone, it is constantly consuming data and 1Gb data plan is definitely not sufficient. If only the telco network is much more reliable and upgraded to a higher capacity, then I’d believe that hitting more than 1Gb or even higher is really a certain possibility.

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